The Company


ROAM is a dockless rideshare program offering super cool electric pedal assist bikes for you to get around town safe and in style.  From its unique retro design and colorful tires to its advanced battery, ring lock and thumb throttle, the ROAM experience guarantees to be supreme.

 ROAM bikes are conveniently available for pickup at designated businesses throughout Columbus, OH. Download the app and get ROAMing!


 Safety First. ROAMers are required to watch bike safety videos and our Watch Learn Earn platform provides a place for companies reach social responsibility initiatives by sponsoring videos for our customers to view. When ROAMers watch videos on the ROAM platform, not only do they learn things like preventative health maintenance tips or financial strategies, but they earn ROAM points towards free rides and other incentives.



The President and Founder

Kelly James, Founder of ROAM

About the Founder - Kelly James


2019 Columbus SMART 50 Honoree

 “When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable.” Walt Disney

 Since Kelly James was a little boy, he has always been a visionary seeing beyond what was right in front of him. He has always imagined innovative ways to help people live better and be happier. In fact, the first time he rode an electric bike, Kelly saw beyond the fun and the swiftness. He began to envision a way to solve transportation issues in cities starting with his hometown, Columbus, Ohio. He began to envision a way to contribute to clean air movements. He began envisioning a way to build community through collaboration with citizens, city government, local businesses and corporations. Today he has turned his vision into a Columbus-based startup named ROAM Bikes, Inc. -  a dockless on-demand rideshare app offering electric pedal assist bikes.

Through the power of state-of-the-art engineering and tenacious teamwork, Kelly’s dream is now a reality set to smartly serve cities throughout the country with modern technology and hometown hospitality.

 Charged by his passion for bikes, technology and innovation, Kelly James brings over three decades of profitable, solution-driven experience. This Columbus, Ohio native understands the power of cutting-edge mobility and continues to break new ground providing fun, fuel-free ways for people to enjoy life.

As the visionary behind Electric Avenue, Kelly was one of the electric bike business trailblazers in downtown Columbus. In fact he was featured in ColumbusCEO magazine as, “a mover and shaker turning Columbus into a major hotbed of bold transportation ideas.”

Kelly’s robust resume includes leading global product testing for electric bikes and motorcycles of world-renowned Yamaha USA and launching iSecurity - a certified Ohio Minority Business Enterprise.

Committed to community, Kelly can often be seen empowering youth, working with local government officials and participating in charity events like the Pelotonia for cancer awareness and the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride for prostate cancer.

His favorite pastime? Roaming throughout the city on his electric bike with his fiancée, Laura.